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We are as the name suggests Balinese importers and Soy product importers and manufacturers, we are based on the northern end of the Gold Coast and have our own chain of retail outlets all the way to Bundaberg at the start of the great barrier reef.

There are many benefits to being the direct importer and manufacturer of goods the main one is that we design most of our products in house and our families of carvers, painters, material makers, dress makers all create beautifully designed products which are shipped direct to our stores via our warehouse in Upper Coomera within a couple of days from landing.

Another benefit is that we keep a constant finger on the pulse of developing trends in the various fashion markets to bring our customers the latest and greatest seasonal colours and fashions aswell as hard to find plus sizes in our Balinese clothing ranges.

The greatest benefit to our retail customers is that we can offer our customers a vast range of products for a very reasonable price.

As we mentioned earlier we also import our own raw soy candle wax and candle making ingredients from around the world and in most cases make then in store daily so you can see and smell all of what we have to offer with fresh soy candles, soy melts and soy tealights with an active range of approx. 70 flavours and some additional seasonal ones.

If you own your own business or you are a purchasing manager and would love to have our range of gifts, homewares, clothing or "Soy" branded products for your customers to love as they do in our stores we would love to talk to you and arrange one of our friendly sales team to get you started.


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